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Remove Cling film or second Skin and carefully wash your tattoo with fragrance free antibacterial soap and pat dry with a clean towel. Do not rub! Apply a thin layer of Ink Sential aftercare cream.

Wash your tattoo and apply a thin layer of Ink Sential cream 2-3 times a day, continue for at least two weeks or until fully healed.

If your tattoo is itchy, do not scratch it. Simply wash your tattoo and apply a new layer of Ink Sential cream. This should stop any itching. If any scabbing does occur, do not pick the scabs. Remember a tattoo is an open wound and needs to be kept clean at all times. 

Do not put any products over the tattoo such as fake tan, scented moisturisers, perfume or make-up. Do not shave or get waxed in the area of your tattoo during the healing process

During the healing process do not go swimming, take baths or any other activity that will submerge the tattoo in water. Try not to expose the tattoo to sunlight, Avoid sunbathing or sunbeds during this time

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